Amazing Celebrity Homes

22 Amazing Celebrity Homes

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We’re often amazed at just how much opulence money really can buy. From travel, to jewelry to fancy cars it seems money is no object when it comes to having the finest things in life – homes, especially homes of celebrities and the fabulously wealthy are no exception!

There is no “right” way to kick this off, so these mansions are listed in no particular order. All of these houses¬†estates are amazing, however, when we start getting into the billionaires you’ll see it go to another level!

#1 Taylor Swift

“$17.7m? Yeah, I got that in my purse, why?”

This is but 1 of Taylor’s houses. The one she happened to pay $17.7m in cold, hard cash for at a moments notice. That’s living, girl!

#2 Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Though they are no longer together, but when they were they collected more houses than Hugh Hefner did girlfriends. Here are just 2 of them.

Do you like #2? That would be a $70m villa in the South-of-France complete with a vineyard!


#3 Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo)

When J-lo does it, she does it with style. That and a lot of money!

This Hamptons house clocks in at $10m, well it did 4 years ago. Today it’s probably closer to $15m and rising. This is one of the “cheaper” houses in the Hamptons, if you could call it that.

#4 Will Smith & Jada Pinkett

Not to be outdone by Taylor Swift, this monster Calabasas mansion has it all. And honestly, wouldn’t you expect that from the Fresh Prince?

#5 Tiger Woods

This Jupiter, FL mansion owned by Tiger Woods is notable for his very own, custom 3 hole course in the backyard. We’re not talking pitch & putt, either. It’s up to PGA tour standards, even if Tiger isn’t. (I’m sorry Tiger.)

#6 Steven Spielberg

Ok, let’s be real. When you’re worth nearly $4b and you pretty much run Hollywood, you can live wherever you want, however you want. I’d say this mansion comes pretty dang close to proper-billionaire-mansion living.

It might not seem as big as some of the others but what you don’t know is this is an aerial shot from the moon. Yeah. Steve does it big.

#7 Simon Cowell

Word is the scariest talent judge in the world purchased this lot in LA for $20m. Tore down the existing house and built this masterpiece. It kind of figures, doesn’t it? Didn’t like what he saw but knew there was raw talent.

I like his style. One of these days I might profile his car collection because I like those too!

#8 Selena Gomez

I have to say. This is pretty decent for a “starter home” in LA! You can’t tell me she bought this with Disney money, because I know they don’t pay that well!

#9 Ryan Seacrest

Clearly Mr. Seacrest wasn’t about to be outdone by Mr. Cowell when he bought this $40m+ house off of Ellen Degeneres! Just look at that infinity pool! For scale, take a look at that tiny little silver car in the driveway at the bottom. Yeah, this house is that massive!

#10 Robbie Williams

Call me an ignorant American, but I had no idea Robbie Williams was making this kind of money. This is just 1 of his houses (he has a few in the UK) and this one is at least $20m. This mansion is seriously impressive and I’m considering joining an early 90’s boy band if I can get one of my own.

#11 Oprah Winfrey

Just when we thought it couldn’t get better, Oprah whips out the big guns! This house has a very interesting story behind it. Rumor is she was driving by this house in Beverly Hills. Asked her driver to stop the car and go buy the house. This means he got out. Knocked on the door and asked them if they were interested in selling. The homeowners said “No thanks”, but Oprah wasn’t having any of that. She asked them to name their price. They thought about it and said “$50,000,000” – she wrote them a check for $50m on the spot.

#12 Matt Damon

No offense to Jason Bourne, but it’s incredibly difficult to go from Oprah’s stunning mansion to a $15 “house” in LA! That being said, this is still a kick-ass house and I would be happy to live here myself. Assuming I could get past his armed guards.

#13 Mark Wahlberg

How ya livin’ Marky-Mark? Pretty well, indeed. Not bad for the ex-rapper/ex-underwear model/actor. If there’s one thing you learn about buying a house in LA when you’re famous. If you can’t beat Ryan Seacrest then you at least need 15 rooms and a pool.

#14 Mariah Carey

The thing that gets lost when you show a house, especially a mega-mansion such as this on a sprawling estate is that you’re missing one very big detail. When an LA mansion like this belongs to Mariah Carey and you know she’s got a massive penthouse in NYC – the girl has some serious money!

Also, I’d like to point out that sweet trampoline in the backyard.

#15 Leonardo DiCaprio

When this A-list actor isn’t busy winning an Academy Award or dating another model, he’s spends his downtime in this massive fortress in LA. I’m not sure what I’m looking at really. Is it modern? is it futuristic? Is it a converted bunker?

I got it. It’s Iron Man’s house!

#16 Lady Gaga

Another NYC’er living in LA, Lady Gaga clearly has good taste. She’s got the 15 rooms and a pool, so we know this isn’t her first real estate rodeo.

#17 Kaley Cuoco

I wonder if Sheldon comes by and knocks on the door “Penny! Penny! Penny!”¬†Oh, that’s just me? Ok.

Interesting Fact: This house used to belong to Khloe Kardashian. 15 Rooms. Pool. Yep, checks out.

#18 Julia Roberts

Let’s forget for a second that this house is totally “green”, meaning zero waste. I want to draw your attention to that ridiculous massive cliff that she calls a backyard. In California, it’s a fact. Where there’s a seaside cliff, there’s an ocean view.

“I’ll see your 15 rooms and a pool, and raise you the entire Pacific Ocean + 1 tennis court!” –¬†You win for now Pretty Woman.

#19 Jerry Seinfeld

Oh look, another aerial photograph of a Hampton’s Estate shot from the moon!

Yep, Jerry Seinfeld has money, people. And to make it worse on us plebes, this dude has equally awesome houses (and apartments) all over America.

#20 John Travolta

Mother of…seriously? Most of us are aware that Mr. Travolta likes to fly planes, but you have your own decommission Qantas jet parked in your driveway! Oh, and just for fun there’s that little Gulfstream in the background to kick around on when you don’t feel like circumnavigating the world?

That’s it, dude. I’m going back in time and getting cast for Look Who’s Talking Too.

#21 George Soros

He may not be a household name like Britney Spears, but make no mistake, Soros is THE man when it comes to mansions. This my friends is what being a billionaire can do for you. You get at least 15 rooms (more like 90) and a pool, with a tennis court and the sheer satisfaction of knowing that you made it.

#22 Bill Gates

What else would you expect from the richest man in the world, with a fortune in the $80b range?

Xanadu 2.0, as it is so affectionately named, located in Medina, WA is just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from Microsoft’s Redmond offices.

This palatial waterfront home boasts a modest 24 bathrooms and in addition to the music that follows you from room-to-room, and the fact that he has 20ft ceilings and somewhere in the depths of the house (locked in a VERY secure underground vault) is none other than Leonardo DaVinci’s Codex which Gates paid a whopping $31m for!

This $150,000,000 house is so famous it even has its own Wikipedia page.

What Now?

Well, boys and girls. We just keep dreaming. If there’s anything we’ve learned in 22 examples of wealth it’s this.

You will never beat Bill Gates in the house-game.